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Daigurus Logo

Legami means BOND in Italian.

Legami jewelry is all set with the strongest substance known to man - a genuine, untouched and Uncut Diamond.

The Uncut Diamond represents the indestructible strength of the bond and the collections are all inspired by different ties and knots that symbolize bonds.

All our jewelry is handmade with love and care in the US, only to inspire people to make unbreakable bonds visible with Legami.

Standing out in a crowd of competitors is no easy task. For your brand identity to resonate and remain in the hearts and minds of its intended audience, it needs to be valuable, relevant to your brand and faithfully represent its values.

Our studio, Design by Adida, can craft your visual language content and provide you with a wide range of graphic design services, such as website design, logo and print, to help turn your vision into a reality.

Our personal attention and professional service are already included in our affordable cost.

Diagurus are an exclusive combination of experts in the industry of polished and rough diamonds, special gems and jewelry.

Each one of the Gurus is an expert in their field with substantial experience in production, marketing and sales of diamonds and gems.

Diagurus provides an outstanding reliable service for all your appraisal needs -

  • Valuation of rough and polished diamonds and gemstones.

  • Official valuation for tax purposes.

  • Jewelry estimation.

  • Certified appraisal for insurance, sales and/or inheritance needs.

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